4pm-5pm Ages 5-9

5pm-6pm Ages 10+

$45.00 Due 1st of Every Month - Family Discounts Available


   Joe Mandagaran has achieved the title of Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do. Many of Joe's students have participated in the USA International Martial Arts World Championships and have achieved numerous merits. Joe has a passion for teaching self defense, self discipline and self empowerment. Whether you are looking to increase strength and mobility or you are looking for a friendly environment the whole family will love. Give Joe's Karate Club a try and see why Joe and many others call this home.

  "Tae Kwon Do is a form of martial arts that combines high standing and jump kicks, as well as punches. It's translation into English means, "The way of foot and fist fighting." Training in Tae Kwon Do involves learning kicking, punching and blocking in various combinations of traditional sets known as hyung. As students improve their hyung, they receive different belts, with a black belt being the highest level. It's a form of self-defense that involves strict mental and physical training and strong moral character."